About Us


Gen YZ Box was the brainchild of 18 year old entrepreneur, Dylann Rumberg.  Last year during the holiday season, she realized that there were no subscription boxes on the market that spoke to her.  She worked hard, saved her money and in early 2017, Gen YZ Box was formed.

She has spent most of her free time this year working on making Gen YZ Boxes exactly what she would want to receive.  Quality items, great brands and unique finds she would love to receive herself. Gen YZ Box is not just another start up or just another subscription box.  Dylann has built Gen YZ entirely on her own, entirely self funded and entirely through her own work.

Dylann wanted to create a box that would embrace the fact that she is different and being cool is overrated!   She wanted to be able to inspire girls and young women to be able to stand out from a crowd and be proud of what makes them unique.  Our Mission at Gen YZ Box is to help girls and young women embrace their differences, be proud of who they are, and enjoy the things in life that make each one of us who we are.

We want you to have fun opening your box and enjoying your new rad items each month!  At Gen YZ Box, we love that we are all a little strange and out of the ordinary.  We may be a little unorthodox but that is a fact we are proud of!

Each Gen Z Box is curated for teens and tweens by teens and tweens.  Each Gen Y Box is hand curated by young women, for young women.  You won’t find anything in our boxes that we aren’t excited to share with you and proud to be able to share!  For unique finds from Y to Z, that is what we are here for!